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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Get Spring Skin Every BODY! Posh Your BODY!

Posh Your Body NOW!
*Only a couple days left at these prices!

I have ALL but ONE of these, and It has already been Ordered! Cold Snap Is ON IT'S WAY! I will have Samples If you are interested!! 

Right now, this is my *DAY-LY Go To!
It is part of my Morning and Nightly Routine!
Argan Oil and Grapeseed Oil are a BEAUTIFUL BLEND of Plumping & Anti Aging PERFECTION! 

with the way it smells!!  FLOWERS!!!

( My PERSONAL pick, even over As Good As Gold (a Posh Favorite) It is close, but I love Flower Child More!!)

Two To Tango
 Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme

*will get pictures when camera works

This smells so sweet and yummy, People just LOVE trying this one! It leaves my hands so soft and silky throughout the day!! 
It's citrusy with a bit of spice!

Hippie Horray 
Light Body Creme


OMG!! I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BODY CREME! I LOVE EVERYTHING! The Packaging, The Smell, the FEEL of it!! My skin feels AMAZING!! 
I Use this All Day at LEAST twice a week!
Sweet Floral and Fruity with a HINT of Vanilla!!
 (I have so many, I have to spread the love!)

This is a RETIRED product, but IT IS part of the Buy 5 Get 1 FREE deal RIGHT NOW ONLY!! Lasts until Sunday! Get it before it's GONE!!

I love to use this on my Hands, Because I have a Kitten, My hands take a beating! 

So I like to do the 3 part Manicure featured in my  

It is a HEALING Mask that helps repair dry, damaged, and angry skin with an all-natural ingredients. 
Just smooth over clean, dry skin daily and let the healing begin!



Always follow a Mask with a moisturizer like

I hear this is one of Ann Dalton  
FAVORITE Products!!! 

YAY! I WILL HAVE SAMPLES!! Let me know if you want to try some! Leave a Comment below, or tell me on Social Media!!

*Stock up for the winter, Or the Cold Spring Days! Sometimes Spring still sees SNOW!

Everybody, Posh your Body!! 
Posh Smells Great! ALRIGHT!!!


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