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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Another Pretty Face

Not JUST Another Pretty Face

I have and LOVE everything in this kit!!

 I DON'T have a photo of me with this yet, or lack of Camera and space at the moment... but I will have more room soon!! I LOVE this LIPS SCRUB !! (as well as the pear one)

It is VERY Lemony, and Very Sugary! It leaves my lips super soft! And it TASTES AMAZING!!! 

(YES IT'S REALLY EDIBLE! Just don't eat too much!)

After washing your face, Apply a layer of Go west to your face. Leave on 5-10 Minutes 


Go west has Kaolin Clay which works like a Vacuum to suck out toxins! It has a great exfoliating texture, and I LOVE IT! With this sweet citrusy aroma, it's hard NOT to Love It REALLY IS a deep Clean!

 Avocado is Super Nourishing, and a touch of milk eaves your skin Super Hydrated!! It has a delicate smell, and feels SO GOOD going on



    Night & Day
    Facial Moisturizer

    A great facial moisturizer, I have been using it ACTUALLY  night & day since December, and I still have about HALF the bottle! A LITTLE goes a LONG way! It has Lavender Essential Oils, so it has a very light lavender aroma!!

    Put This little kit together at a Great Low Price!!

    My face FEELS and LOOKS So Fresh & Clean! 

     GET these items while they are on SALE! Sale Ends March 31st 2017!!

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