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Have you always freaked people out by your memory? Do you see people in the street today that you met 6 years ago at a bus stop, and You still remember them, but they don't remember you?? When you watch movies or tv, even commercials and are always pointing them out? (I do this one, especially, drives my mom nuts sometimes!) lol
Technically it is known as a Super Power, YES THEY DO EXIST!! Not everyone has this ability, and those who don't can't understand HOW some people do it. 

In fact, in some countries people with this ability are known to go into law enforcement to help spot big criminals in crowds.  I wouldn't be able to go that far, myself, but I DO love my ability, and use it all the time, whether I mean to or not! When I was a kid, I can remember my mom driving down the street, and as we would pass people,  then she would ask me name three articles of clothing that man or woman was wearing, or what color hair and shoes did they have. I never knew why, but it definitely heightened this ability even more. And my Dad use to play music, and test me  on WHO was singing,  what band they are in on just the first few Verses, It was a pretty fun time, to say the least.  My dad and mom BOTH  have these same abilities, but my mom doesn't seem to recognize her ability just yet. (See what I did there? ;-) )


Notable Links
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Super Recognizers

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