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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Cleaning

 Get your body Ready for Summer and get your SPRING SCRUB ON!

I JUST ordered Dive in, so I will Try and Review soon!

Sea spray, fruity florals, and musky amber

I have LOTS of Be Sweet Stand Tall, though! 

I have been giving away TONS of SAMPLES!  SO if you are interested in a free sample let me know!!

 Chunk Bar

*No, it doesn't have anything growing out of it for real! 
hehe! but it DOES have REAL CHUNKS of Pineapple!! 

 I Am using the Be Sweet in the Kitchen and in the bathroom as Hand Soap, BUT with the Coconut Shell bits for exfoliation, You could use it as a Body Bar as well!


Soft Citrus, Creamy Coconut, & Sweet Vanilla

Beach Blanket is FREAKIN INCREDIBLE!! It has a Pina Collada scent! 

  They have it in a Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme as well, Which is what I have, but it is not available right now! The BTYHC will be available mid April, I Believe!!!

I am sure this would not only make a great BODY scrub, but a  Tropical FOOT scrub as well!! 

Another great Body & Foot Scrub is a

The one ON SALE Right now is

I haven not tried this one yet, but I have tried a couple others, AMAZING! SUPER SILKY SKIN Because it's Made to EXFOLIATE!! It works INCREDIBLY for Shaving!! 


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