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Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Bundles are HERE Get yours TODAY!!! THESE WILL GO FAST!!!

Yay Summer Bundles are HERE!!! Get your bundle NOW!!

HOW EXCITED am I to try these??? YOU don't EVEN KNOW!! Try YOURS and give me an HONEST Review on my Facebook!! Looking for those who would like to Host a Summer Posh Event ONLINE for free while Summer Bundles are Here!! OH and you will earn free Posh THERE as WELL!!
If you would like to see my previous post 

Click HERE
 Although you can ONLY Order from This Page, and my FaceBook Page 
you can add things there right from the shop!! But make sure you are signed up with PERKS FIRST to earn FREE POSH!!

Get cooled off in the shower with this chunk bar!! It actually has a COOLING effect for a long day in the sun!!

Wash and refresh your Face with Thats So Cuke FOAMING Face Wash!! YES it's FINALLY HERE!!

Then Moisturize your face and also keep cool with Sun's Out Fun's Out Facial Moisturizer!!

My Posh True LOVES!!! Bronzer and Prism Highlighter!!

An Not to mention a Luxurious Body Balm to Lay out and catch a tan! Use before and after sun exposure! Always use Some sort of sunscreen when out in the sun! (NOT for use in Tanning beds, as far as I know!)

I will request a Paypay Payment first, then I will get your product/s out to you as soon as I get them in the mail, and then shipped out! 

If Requested I will order Single Products and Bundles of 3 as mentioned in my previous post!!! If you want the whole bundle, you must get it, HERE, through. More on Singles and Small Bundles Soon!

Summer Store
Product Bundle

Stay cool with fresh summer products designed to beat the heat with hydrating aloe, cucumber, peppermint, and more! Each Summer Store includes:
  • That’s So Cuke Fresh Foaming Face Wash
  • Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out Replenishing Face Moisturizer
  • You’ve Got It Glowing On Prism Primer
  • Bronzed Broad Lip & Contouring Bronzer
  • Have a Great Summer, STAY COOL Chunk
  • Catch Me if You Tan Sunning Body Balm
  • Summer Skin Guide mini catalog
  • Limited-edition Summer Store bag
That’s 6 exclusive products and a carrying bag, plus a Summer Skin Guide that teaches you how to use your new skincare and incorporate it into your current routines.

Summer Item Prices!!

(Summer Bags  and Mini Catalogs NOT for sale unless you order the Full Bundle, THOUGH May be subject to PRIZES!!!)



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All Masks on Perfectly Posh Specials 15 Dollars Ending 10am Mountain time TODAY

 I LOVE OUR MASKS!!! AND we are having a MAJOR SALE!!!

I have almost all of them, soon to be all of them!! Here is a breakdown of what you can get!! 

REMEMBER to sign up for PERKS FIRST BEFORE You Make your Purchase!! Why? Because you EARN PERKS towards FREE POSH!!! REALLY!!

 Detoxing Masks!!!

is AWESOME!!! 

Cackle Spackle is SOLD OUT!!!

Though it is NOW apparently SOLD OUT!! YES THAT QUICKLY!! It is SUPER POPULAR!!! So check out our other items we have ON SALE for the next couple HOURS ONLY!!! 

I ALSO LOVE Go West because of it's Double Dose of Clean!! It scrubs you clean, and detoxes from the inside out!!

Moisturizing"ON" Masks!!

I LOVE Pairing Go West with 

Yes I have a WEAK spot for ANYTHING related to or Reminds me of MMC, and *N'SYNC!! Including to but not limited to Quotes, phrazes (like if ANYONE says in sync, or anything ,  I chime in "*N'SYNC like, Ted and Robin on How I Met Your Mother, you know, Major Sale!!

SO many reasons I love Apricots overnight!! And it's $7 OFF Right now!! Super moisturizing, I use it constantly!! 
DON'T miss out on this huge sale! ONLY a couple hours left


ALL OTHER products here are ALSO $15!!

Exfoliating Off Masks

Pineapple Pick Me Up

Ok , LOVE!!! It's exfoliating, but instead of the scrubby kind, it's like an All Natural Chemical Peal made with Pineapple and Papaya! 

and it's clear! so you don't have to worry about scaring people in it!! hehe!

Face Wash!

BFF!! Best Face-wash Forever

This is one of Posh's Most Popular Items!! Get it NOW while it it's available, Like Cackle Spackle, it MAY sell OUT!!

It's Grapefruit and Exfoliating, whats not to love!!
Again, You never know it could sell out! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE PER PERSON!!
THAT is how Important these are!!

Now for my NEW products!

And I am SO EXCITED to try THESE products!!! YAY!! I will let you know what I think!!!  


Exfoliating Off Masks

Calling All Fairies also features a light spun sugar and berries fragrance that’s out of this world.  

I have been wanting this mask, as well as the next one since I started!!

I also have a post or two in mind for my Movie & a Mask!!

Just wait, you'll see!!

I'm Turing Blueberry!!

OMG ok, YES another Dayz Movie & a Mask Coming! I WONDER what it could be!!!

Yogurt and Blueberries! I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Souper Nourishing! I SO CAN'T WAIT OMG!!

P.S. You can check out My Shop on Facebook 
Visit my store RIGHT THERE on Facebook!

and LIKE my page!! If you would like to try some samples let me know, and If you would like to be in my Sparkly Posh VIP Group, let me know too, Click join and answer a couple questions!!  

Not much time left! Order while they are only $15!!

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ready to Call It A Night? EARN QUADRUPLE PERKS on this Feature Of the WEEK ITEM!!

THEN you know that ALL of the Spring Summer Catalog is on a DOUBLE PERKS BONANZA during the whole month of JUNE!! But Posh tends to have SECRET SALES that are HIDDEN in the page, Who Knows, maybe it's a Mess Up, but RIGHT NOW Our 
Item is

So Normally this Item is $18, but right now its $1 off... making it $17, PLUS the Double Perks promotion WOULD earn you $3.40  BACK... 

HOWEVER this SECRET BONUS Perks earn you even MORE PERKS (not advertised on the posh page at all, as far as I have seen!)

So you will earn $7.20 in PERKS (720 perks) when you purchase this ONE item!!  

When you think about it.... it's as if you only paid $10 for this $18 ITEM!!! 

You MUST Sign up for Perks FIRST to earn your PERKS!! So Sign Up TODAY to start earning FREE POSH!

HURRY! I don't know how long this
SUPER PERKS PROMOTION IS for this ONE ITEM (so far, it's the only item that has this super perks thing happening!!), I don't even know if they REALIZE it is like that! Take Advantage of this SUPER Poshortunity! 


I use BOTH Dawn On Me &
 Call It A Night and I LOVE LOVE them BOTH!!

Right now I am almost out of Facial Moisturizer, and this works wonders in it's place! Works better alongside a moisturizer as well!

Dawn on me Does have DOUBLE perks, just not the super bonus perks

Dawn On Me is GREAT as a base before you put on your makeup (or mixes easily with your liquid foundation very nicely)

P.S. SURPRISINGLY, If you have Super Oily Skin, or are acne prone, THIS WILL HELP!!  

When your skin produces excess oils on your face, what that ACTUALLY means is that you do not have ENOUGH Oils in your skin... and your skin tries to produce those oils, leaving you feeling like you have TOO MUCH....

In Actuality, If you use the Dawn On Me and Call It A Night, that Excess Oil will DISAPPEAR! And it might help with the Acne as well!

These are ALSO in the LOOK NATURAL Line, which means they are free from added scents, and are COMPLETELY VEGAN!


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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Earn DOUBLE PERKS on ALL In Season Catalog Items!! Perks Equal FREE STUFF!!!

Perks are Awesome!!!

 What are Perks? When You Order an Item from Me, or You share your referral link, YOU earn Perks on your order! One Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme is $9, You earn 90 perks or 90 Cents  

But RIGHT NOW Every IN CATALOG Item is DOUBLE PERKS!! You earn $1.80  or 180 Perks back on that $9 Hand Creme!!! 

Request a catalog! 
I can mail you one, or you can download one Coming Soon!

 You can ALSO earn Double Perks on This 

Order before it's Gone!!

$60 for the Bundle... you earn $12 BACK in PERKS!!! 

 That's like spending... $48 on all 4 products... Except you get to spend the difference on MORE items!! 

Perks SERIOUSLY add up!!

I got THIS for $14!! 

For Real!! This was MY order!! 

I got the Immunator Stick for Free!! 

Or you can save them up and order something you can ONLY order in 


Like the 

You can ONLY order this with PERKS!! 

2,400 Perks to be exact!! 

and with this Double Down Perks, It's Easy to earn perks!! If you order the spring nights bundle, you are HALFWAY to the perks to buy That's What Shea Said!!

That's what I am setting my NEXT Perks on!!

What do you want to order with perks?

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blossoms Up! Posh's Sicilian Orange Bath Bomb!! LIMITED TIME!! NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!

Take a little break with this moisturizing bath bomb, featuring sunny and skin-softening coconut oil with a bright and sophisticated Sicilian orange scent. Just lock the door, bomb your bath, and soak up supple skin.
Bright Sicilian orange
I heard there WILL be crying if you don't get it, It May sell out VERY quickly!!  If there is any desire for this orange fizzy delight in a bath, Get it while there's still a chance!!!

LOTS of things are Out of stock and selling out SUPER QUICKLY!!  You see Everything here? Now I hear Moisturize 911! Seriously!! 
SO IF YOU WANT it, even at all YOU NEED to order!!! 

And it's Sicilian, Sophisticated & Bright, Like Me! 
 Come on! 

Blossoms Up!!

Use in One luxurious bath or, slice up for a few nice soaks!! 

 YEP! You Snooze you lose!! Sorry but you MISSED IT!!

But you can get any one of our awesome specials!! 

Try Our Feature of the Week!! 
This week it's
 Shore Perfection Body Wash!!

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