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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sparkle and SHINE this Holiday Season!


The Holidays are here!! This Holiday season, Why not SPLURGE and give yourself a bit of Sparkle?!

Our 2 New EXCLUSIVE Items are ONLY 

Available While Supplies Last!

Puttin' On the Spritz™ 

Hair Shimmer Spray


I can't wait to try this! OMG OMG I'm gonna Sparkle and Shine even MORE this Holiday season! This is my one big splurge this season! I am SO excited to try it! Who wants to try it with me?


You can get it for yourself, Or you can get it for that special someone n you know who loves to Sparkle! 

Complete your holiday hairdo and get show-stopping, luxe locks with this fine, shimmery gold mica finishing spray. Organic Aloe Vera and Organic Sea Kelp help hydrate and set your look while Wheat Protein helps your hair look strong. Spray 8–10 inches away from damp or dry hair, from roots to ends. Apply sparingly for a subtle shimmer effect or generously for an intense shine. 


Pair it with the new



Best Year Yet

Vial™ Lip Shade


Stain Without Shame. Matte rose gold Best Year Yet Vial Lip Shade offers fierce lip color that completely dries, but leaves lips feeling buttery soft. A blend of fermented desert date oil and sunflower seed oil make up a moisturizing complex that helps restore and maintain healthy lips, while providing a long-wear look that lasts. Best Year Yet glides on smooth, drying down to a matte metallic finish, and bonds to the Primer to keep lips locked and comfortable with better ingredients. 


A LITTLE goes a LONG way with this stuff, Wipe ALL excess off before applying! Make it last even longer when you start with our Primer first!

Do you want to Save some money on your order? 

Join Dayz Sparkly VIPs and get a Promo for $5 Off your Order!

And I will send you more of our Promo codes to Save Money this Holiday Season!!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SPOOKY POSH and a Movie!! The Pumpkin Karver! Contest Coming Soon!

Get Your Creepy On with Posh!!!
Last year, in December, I became a Posh Consultant, However, SPOOKY Posh 2016 is what FIRST PERKED my interest! 

My friend had told me about posh, and I was set to receive a bunch of samples to try out, BUT I NEVER got to try ANYTHING Halloween Themed! 

I was SO disappointed! BUT NOW I will FINALLY GET TOO!

before you make a purchase 
Perks=Free Products!!

Did you know that pumpkin is a fantastic skincare ingredient on many levels? That’s why our Spooky Posh products use lots of pumpkin! Here’s why we love it:
• It helps smooth skin and brighten its appearance
• It’s full of antioxidants
• It can refresh the appearance of dull, aging skin
• It’s super moisturizing
• It can help even out skin tone

For attention-worthy skin, reach for this warm hazelnut and cinnamon scented body butter. With antioxidant pumpkin seed extract and moisturizing, non-greasy apricot kernel and hazelnut oils, your skin will look younger and feel hydrated all season long. Apply liberally from neck to toes and allow to soak in. Use daily for best results.
Click to view Carved For Attention

Carved for Attention
Pumpkin Body Butter

Warm hazelnut and cinnamon

If you know me at all, you will know that I HATE cinnamon. And, for the most part, I always have. SO I am NOT sure how much I will LOVE this product, but I am willing to try! I Love Hazelnut! (and I am NOT a Pumpkin Spice kind of girl, like, AT ALL...)

 But for some reason I SOMETIMES like apple fritters, so you never know)

Such a cute name Too!! I LOVE the design!  I may get it JUST because it kinda reminds me of one of my fave cheesy Halloween Movies with my High School Crush (Spinner of Bonedaddy and Spinner, if you watch the movie, you will see)


In fact, I got the #tfnofilter Selfie Powders when I got a KILLER DISCOUNT (I think I got it for like $15 or something, SUPER on sale on TooFaced (can't remember the actual price, but that's close enough!) because one of powders was called Totally Toasted! (you will see how that ties in to the movie IF you watch it. It's Not Kinda, it's not Bitch'n,  it's TOTALLY TOTALLY TOASTED!! LMFAO Not that I know entirely what they are even talking about, but still so cute!) 

What's the movie called?

OH, and This movie is Rated R, so it's intended for Mature Audiences!! If you are under 18, you know the drill... 

  Do you like Minka Kelly

She reminded me a little of Piper Perabo (very Coyote Ugly shy) in this role, So sweet and Adorable! WELL if you LOVE cheesy movies, especially cheesy horror, you will LOVE The Pumpkin Karver

At least I Did! And EVERYONE I watched it with LOVED it too! I LOVE the whole cast, each bringing their own SPARKLE to the movie!!

Michael Zara and Minka Kelly in The Pumpkin Karver (2006)

It stars Michael Zara (Not Cera) and Minka Kelly, and my PERSONAL Favorite, Alex Weed (Spinner)
HE is TOTALLY  Awesome, how is he not a GINORMOUS STAR YET?! P.S. He is Married to the Gorgeous an SUPER talented Fiona Gubelmann!!

 I WOULD put one cute photo of the couple here, BUT there are none available for non-commercial reuse :-( !! So I Just Googled Alex Weed and took a screen capture! (I hear they can't stop you from that)


THEY are MY Favorite Hollywood Couple, if you ask me!! What would their couple name be? #Filex or #Aliona Which sounds better for the couple name?? My boyfriend says #Filex sounds better, what do you think?) 

I do NOT want to tell you too much about the plot. I just want you to watch and enjoy!

Michael Zara in  The Pumpkin Karver. Trick Or Treat!!

"DEATH MUST DIE!!!!"-to quote one of my fave lines, One of Many lines from the movie that I love!

The movie has a pretty good twist, at least in my opinion. 

And now for what I'm even more excited for!

The perfect ingredient for fab-boo-lous skin this season? Pumpkin! Boo Yeah is packed with three kinds of pumpkin—pumpkin water, pumpkin extract, and pumpkin seed oil—for a hydrated, more even-looking complexion. It also features kaolin clay to cleanse and exfoliate your skin so it looks brighter. Use a nickel-sized amount and massage onto wet skin in circular motions. Rinse and follow with moisturizer.
Click to view Boo Yeah

Boo Yeah
Triple Pumpkin 
and Clay Facial Cleanser
Sparkling Cranberry

 I LOVE EVERYTHING Cranberry, ESPECIALLY Posh Cranberry Items!! 
(My Merry Glitzmas which I still have some of, but they no longer carry on the Perfectly Posh page, and Vanity Pear, among others!)

For a soft, glowing complexion that makes you say, “Boo Yeah!” you need our Triple Pumpkin and Clay Facial Cleanser. There are 3 different types of pumpkin inside—pumpkin water, pumpkin seed oil, and pumpkin extract—for a more hydrated, even looking complexion. Plus, it features cleansing kaolin clay and a sparkling cranberry scent perfect for fall.

Get these amazing benefits for your face and body when you get our two new and exclusive Spooky Posh products. Pick up Boo Yeah Triple Pumpkin and Clay Facial Cleanser and Carved for Attention Body Butter and you’ll be in gourd company! 

So go ahead and check out our new Spooky Posh, Watch The Pumpkin Karver and have yourself a SMASHING good time!! Make it a Movie Night for you and the girls, or your significant other! 

ONE really funny thing I remember about this movie, besides loving it, a few years ago, every time I saw Whole Stacks of movies ) 20 Movies, 20 movies, big stacks for sale on there, EVERY stack would include this movie! A whole bunch of movies, blockbusters, mixed in with THIS  Movie for sale! I remember it had been sold with Jeepers Creepers, IT, The Puppetmaster movies (dont even get me started on Charles Band Movies <3) All kinds of great horror movies, I never got to get one of these big bundles, but they had GREAT selections! But It was like someone was trying to get it into as many hands as possible! I saw this over and over again for at least 2 or 3 years in my area.  Very cool guys!!

There are some select actors, that I plan talk about regularly, because I want to see them in MORE THINGS!  

If you are a fan of any of my other blogs, you may have seen me mention once Alex before! I made a post about another of my other fave actor/singer/awesome guy HERE on Random Recognizer with my mention of Alex (with my hopes to see them in something together), check it out!


I will have a contest on My TWITTER Soon!! I MAY even do one on My Instagram as well! Add me to social media (Top Right of the page) and Keep your eye out for my coming Contests!! 

Have you already seen The Pumpkin Karver? What did you think? (all opinions matter, just be KIND here) Are you excited for Spooky Posh? Do you want to win free stuff? What kind of items are you interested in winning? The Spooky Posh Items? The Gender Bender Bar (for Halloween Make Up Removal?) Tell me your Ideas, I will put together a small bundle to give away at the end of the month!

***Notable Links***

Spooky Posh on DayzSparklePosh 
 Again, Make SURE you sign up for Perks FIRST Before you order, or even before you start filling your cart!!

The Pumpkin Karver on Wikipedia
The Pumpkin Karver on IMDB 

Alex Weed on IMDB 

View Alex's Official Page
where you can view his acting reels and see what else he is in! 
(I like a LOT of the shows he has been on! 
Very excited to see him in so many different kinds of roles!) 
You can also add him to twitter there, and also view his YouTube Channel!

To those affected by the Hurricanes and the Fires throughout the US right now. Stay Strong, Stay Together, Stay Safe!!! 
My heart goes out to you, your Families and your Fur babies!!!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Subscribe to my posts, add me to social media if you enjoyed my content!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Happy Birthday To POSH!! CELEBRATE WITH ME! FREE Gifts from Posh ALL Month LONG!!

Happy Birthday to Perfectly Posh!! For Posh's 6th birthday, we are getting all KINDS of random surprises and deals and gifts this month!


Every time you place an order, you will earn Perks which we use to get FREE Products!

We’re turning 6 and we want to celebrate with you! All customers who place an order on MY Website between September 1–12 will earn a $6 coupon code to use toward an order from November 1 to December 31, 2017. Perfect for holiday shopping! 
So shop now and get sassy with us! 
So if you shop RIGHT now on my website, between now and September 12, you will earn $6 off HOLIDAY SHOPPING!! SCORE!!! Oh and you will also earn PERKS on everything you purchased as well! (only if you signed up for Perks FIRST)

Become a Posh Consultant with me! It's LOTS of fun!!!
Look below for ALL the products you will get in your Starter Kit!

But if you join TODAY, you will get a special FREE Party Pack!! WHAT?!?

Everything you see here (Items may be different, but you still get the same kind of product, Like You Might not get Easy Peasy chunk bar, but you will get another one of Posh's AMAZING Chunk bars, Items that stay the same, I believe are The Healer and BFF. EVERY new consultant will get those!)

Basically you will get 3 skin sticks (including the Healer), a snarky bar, 2 big fat yummy hand cremes, 2 chunk bars, either a body scrub or a body butter, the BFF Face Wash! A WHOLE BAG of Samples!! (and all your info, posh paper, the polka dot guide (our GO TO for everything behind the scenes, how to build your business) OH and you also go through POSH ACADEMY (included in the price) which will earn you ALL KINDS OF FREE STUFF and Rewards!!!)

Want a little more? Want a LOT more? Want HUGE DISCOUNTS and earn TONS of free stuff? Even if you don't want to SELL Posh, you can Join for the HUGE discounts! And the Starter kit can be used as your PERSONAL STASH! OR you can use them as GIFTS for Friends or Family!!

Lots of our consultants joined JUST for the discount and then business just EXPLODED for them!  JUST because they shared with their Friends and Families!!

Once you are a member, and someone joins YOUR team, YOU will get 2 FREE ITEMS!!!

Yay! If you haven't heard of The Healer, You NEED to! It has a very Light Orange-y Vanilla scent, and all of the essential oils in it are blended to help sooth your cuts and scrapes, and you heal faster with less scarring!

Yes it will even help reduce STRETCHMARKS!

(photo not me, but of a fellow consultant, several of them have and have been RAVING about it!!)

I REALLY need a new one, But If you or your family get lots of boo boos or just want to reduce some stretch marks, this is DEFINITELY for you! I believe The Healer should be in EVERY home!!!

It even reduces OLD scars!!! Look at this 25 year old scar! A fellow Posh consultant posted this of her sister (she got the scar when she was a child, and as an adult started using The Healer on it....)

Second one is 8 days later using twice a day......
Third one is a month and a half of using The Healer on it every day, twice a day!!!


I need to get another one! I sold mine to my mom because she loved it so much! I am still scraping by with the rest of my sample I had left! 

2nd Free Gift 
when someone joins your team!!

THIS one is Important! Especially if you use 
Anti-Antiperspirants (which in my opinion are not good for you at all) 
but if do use Anti Antiperspirants, No matter what you use, If you use The Stripper SERIOUSLY helps you out with a SERIOUS Detox!!!

So no matter what you want to do, if you want some AMAZING Products, or you want to start a FUN and Exciting Business, NOW is the time to do it! Celebrate Posh's Birthday, and Treat Yourself!!

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Offer valid only on purchases made between September 1, 2017 at 12:00 AM (MT) and September 12, 2017 at 11:59 PM (MT). Offer not valid for Consultants. Limit one coupon code sent per customer. Coupon codes will be sent to customer email address associated with qualifying orders on September 15, 2017. Coupon code is valid for $6 off one regularly priced catalog item purchased between November 1, 2017 at 12:00 AM (MT) and December 31, 2017 at 11:59 PM (MT). Does not apply to products under $6. Consultants will receive Personal Volume on final order total after all Perks and coupons have been applied. Not redeemable towards taxes or shipping. Coupon codes are one time use only. Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers.

 *Sorry I am a few days late on this one, I meant to post in on the 1st, but things have been chaotic!, I have been building my page slowly, but I have been SO BUSY that I ALMOST forgot to post it!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Posh Night!! New Fall Winter Catalog and My #PoshWishList

Tonight was posh night, and for many of us, it was a peak into the NEW Fall Winter Catalog that is available NOW! Posh decided that they wanted to give ONE of us lucky Poshers 6 of our TOP Wishlist Items!! 

SO I went through the new CATALOG, and through MY POSH WEBSITE

and picked my TOP favorite, the ones I wanted MOST, THESE were my top picks

OK so I was born into a family of Coffee Lovers, I can't help it! This was the FIRST thing I was drawn to! That and the new chunk bar!!! I know a few other people who might want this too! 

8 oz / 227 g

Brighten your day and your skin with this stimulating scrub filled with coffee grounds and sugar to buff dry spots for a firmer, tighter look. A gentle combination of alpha hydroxy acids from fruit extracts offer exfoliation to reveal radiant looking skin with a fresh coffee scent. Massage onto wet skin from neck to toes in bath or shower 2–3 times per week. Rinse thoroughly and follow with moisturizer.

Fresh ground coffee

yeah, these masks really don't need introduction, you could see why I want them!



2 oz / 57 g

Prized by ancient civilizations for its revitalizing and illuminating properties, pearl powder helps exfoliate for radiant looking skin while sea buckthorn berry—a superfruit—moisturizes and conditions, thanks to its high concentration of omega-7 fatty acid. Plus, kaolin provides a deep down clean, resulting in a polished glow scented with candied blackberry and jasmine. Apply a thin layer to clean skin, leave on for 5–10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Follow with moisturizer.
Candied blackberry and jasmine


2 oz / 57 g

Firm and restore aging skin with colloidal gold, peridot, and caffeine while glycerin and panthenol—a form of vitamin B5—lock in hydration for a radiant complexion, scented with luxe florals, oud, and velvety moss. Apply to clean face, avoiding eye area. Let sit for 15–20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
Florals, oud, and velvety moss

Last time, when There was a splurge with a different name, contained Gold,
 like this one, it was gone in 2 HOURS!!! 

My boyfriend LOOOOVES Lychee, SERIOUSLY, He could eat it All DAY LONG if he had the chance. I told him the New Posh Hair stuff had Lychee in it, and he was like 
OK, I want it! Yep! it's that simple! Lychee is great stuff

Plus, we NEED Shampoo and Conditioner, BAD! 
(good shampoo at least!) 


6 fl oz / 177 mL

Hydrate and replenish hair and scalp with this conditioning mask, formulated for all hair types. Moisturizing argan oil helps soften and smooth hair while ginkgo, lotus, and ginger extracts energize for beautiful, healthy looking strands. Apply mask to clean hair, concentrating on scalp. Leave on for 5–10 minutes and rinse. Dry as usual. If using out of the shower, wrap hair in a warm, wet towel.

Fragrance: Delicate citrus and juicy lychee


6 fl oz / 177 mL

Abyssinian oil and coconut extract moisturize and condition hair in this juicy citrus and lychee scented conditioner, formulated for all hair types. Tressed to Impress features quinoa to help smooth, detangle, and add shine, plus vitamin B5 for healthy looking locks. Work through clean, wet hair, concentrating on ends. Leave for 1–2 minutes and rinse.
Delicate citrus and juicy lychee

Last but not least, yes another hair product, I LOVE THEM!! I NEED THEM!! I am actually out of my Posh Shampoo and reduced to using my old box of non posh stuff.... my hair is bland and crispy lately... BLEH!! I NEED MY POSH!! My HAIR NEEDS POSH! 


4 oz / 113 g

Hydrate and replenish hair and scalp with this conditioning mask, formulated for all hair types. Moisturizing argan oil helps soften and smooth hair while ginkgo, lotus, and ginger extracts energize for beautiful, healthy looking strands. Apply mask to clean hair, concentrating on scalp. Leave on for 5–10 minutes and rinse. Dry as usual. If using out of the shower, wrap hair in a warm, wet towel.
Delicate citrus and juicy lychee

I do not know how much time you have left, BUT if you take a look at the catalog mentioned above, or just visit My Posh Page (right below My Top 6 picks Image) and SIGN UP FOR PERKS, THEN Pick your TOP 6 Items and post them on your facebook with #PoshWishList 

(it is VERY important you sign up for perks first, on my webpage, that way you are in the posh system!)

What do you have on YOUR #PoshWishList?