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Monday, May 1, 2017

Men Deserve to be Pampered Too! Extreme Detoxing with Charcoal, remove stains, and SUPER Smooth Shaves!! Calm the Hairy Beast in you!

With Perfectly Posh,  We believe EVERYONE deserves to be pampered!! Men, Women & Children! 

I even pamper MY MAN! He LOVES PERFECTLY POSH and Soon he will join my TEAM! 

 Whole Lava Love

Sadly Whole Lava Love is Retired, But Posh has a way of bringing Favorites back! And Whole Lava Love is Definitely a favorite of ours!!

 He also has almost all of the Men's Line in the Retired section! ( You still have time to order them before they are gone, Don't worry! More Items are sure to come! Hey, ALL of posh is good enough for Men and Women! They whole family will love it!!

Matt from Wreckless Eating on Youtube!!

This is Matt from Wreckless Eating, a BIG Youtube show on guys eating all KINDS of odd things, watch out... not for the faint of stomach!! 

(PS Matt! I have some things for you to try!)

Yes!! We have all kinds of stuff for men!!!

(Remember to sign up for PERKS for free NOW and earn ALL KINDS of free posh when you Buy, Join, or even SHARE your Referral Link with FRIENDS and Loved Ones!!!) 

Not only do we still have have 


which have an herbal citrus and mossy musk scent!! 
I LOVE the way they both smell, and He and I LOVE the way it feels on his face!! It gives him such a SMOOTH SHAVE!! 

He follows it with the Stud Stick which, sadly, is no longer available, but 

should help in it's place to keep skin healthy and heal from cuts!! It has a Vanilla Orange scent, and Shea Butter and Essential Oils. (did I mention it also helps sooth and heal all KINDS of other things!!

Its one of my Favorite things, My Moms and Boyfriends Fave too!! (it is VERY popular, and is coming back SOMETIME THIS WEEK!!)

It even will help with sensitive skin issues like Psoriasis & Eczema!!

THEN one of my OTHER FAVORITE products that is Gender Neutral so it works for the whole family, with a Woodsy amber and soft citrus scent

It has CHARCOAL and as you may know, it is GREAT for detoxing the face and body, helps with Acne, because the Charcoal Powder absorbs over 1,000 times it's weight in nasty free radicals and pollution so it is a GREAT overall Detox!!

This not only removed hair dye, but look at their SKIN after as well!!

But some consultants have been saying they help with all kinds of daily things as well! 

It does ALL kinds of other things around the house!!

 I PERSONALLY had a tank top that I got Chicken Grease on it, and I left it out for a month, because it was one of my FAVORITE tank tops. I decided to try Gender Bender on it, and OMG IT WAS FREAKIN GONE!! Unfortunately I didn't get any photos, but I will in the future!!! 

Did you happen to notice the Hair Dye! Motor Oil and, Sharpie as well?!? What will YOU USE it for??

The list goes on and on! There are SO MANY EXTREMELY AWESOME THINGS For MEN! Try out a few things, and don't forget, Pick out something special to pamper the love in your life too!!!

*Then If you decide you and your family LOVE Perfectly Posh and you can decide to Join My Team as a Consultant, or know someone who does! (SHARE your link!) because The More, the Merrier! 

WE LOVE our Posh Men!! I hope you LOVE getting pampered!!

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