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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Feet First!

This section is New to me, I only have Twinkle Toes, which is Fantastic BTW!! MY Feet have never been softer! *though they might with this little kit together!

Peppermint and thyme essential oils

I guess you would start with this in the bath or seated in the shower, Rubby Scrubby, No More Grubby Feet and Toes! 


Sweet, juicy mango and green palm leaves

This one sounds like it feels and smells AMAZING!!  I wonder when I will get to try this one!

I guess then you would scrub a second time with the sand, ALL over your feet, tops of your feet to the bottoms!

Swanky & Soft
Exfoliating Foot Crรจme

Peppermint and thyme essential oils

After both steps, Put some  Swanky & Soft all over your feet, and slip into some cozy socks and wear overnight! 

I wish I had a sample of any of these! I will let you know as soon as I try it!!

I Gave a Sample of this to my Aunt! I hope you LOVED IT!! 

When she lets me know what she thinks, I will post!!
When I get to try any of these products, I will let you know!

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