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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oh, Lemony Snicket, My Lemon & Honey Focus & Review // Perfectly Posh

Girls Night In 
Movie & Posh Review!

My Lemony Snicket / Lemon & Honey Posh Review 

When Live gives you Lemony.... errm Lemons... Make Healing Cremes!!

 Honey & Lemon are amazing for the skin! See the details on why Honey is a posh favorite! Honey Honey is one of my favorite retired body cremes! I love the Hand creme too!! I have been using them on my kitten scratches!!

Why are Honey & Lemon so amazing for the skin?

Check out some of my favorite Retired Honey Products Below!!

Honey Honey Hand Creme has been helping INCREDIBLY on the Kitten Scratches on my hands!! I have been using it Every Day on the backs of my hands and the scratches are already almost gone!! I WAS using the Healer Stick for my first batch of scratches, But I sold it to my mom because she loved it so much!!
 It is ON SALE RIGHT NOW for $8!! GET it before it's gone! 

Muddy Buddy Smells INCREDIBLE!! It is very light, goes on clear, I have only used it on my arm, can't wait to use it on my legs!! I hear it is great for breakouts too!!
  Get it NOW at $8 while supplies last!

The Bees Knees is a great scrub that works really well for shaving, at least for me, and leaves SILKY SOFT legs!! and all over body! It doesnt have Lemon in it, But it has Honey and Sea Salt It doesn't really smell like anything, to me at least, but it is GREAT in the shower!! They have it for $14!!! I think (don't quote me on it) Regular price was $24
That's $10 off?!

and of course 

Honey Honey Healing Body Creme

Honey Honey Healing Body Creme is absolutely the best if you have super dry irritated skin, it's super hydrating and again, in love with the lemony scent!! It is only $12 for a HUGE CONTAINER!! I'm Not Kidding! As you can see from my photo above, it's HUGE!! I got a SEVERE papercut on my CUTICLE, and I didnt have the Hand Creme with me, SO I used the Honey Honey Body Creme, and literally, the pain MELTED! GONE, and it is healing QUITE NICELY! I sold my Healer Stick, so the honey honey is a good replacement until I get a new one! It is the RETIRED Version, so get it while it's only $12! It won't last forever!!

Works For Hands & Feet

Give yourself a Manicure while you watch A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Movie OR the show!!

All of our Current and Retired Products that contain honey~ Check them out and see if there are any left!! 

These are NOT part of the Buy 5 Get 1 FREE, BUT they are a GREAT BUY! ALL 4 items (INCLUDING SHIPPING!!!) are UNDER $50!! PLUS you EARN PERKS, AND you get a free sample with EVERY order!! 

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If you would like to sample these items First, Let me know!! I would love to send you a sample pack!! Add me on Facebook or twitter and let me know what you would like to try!

And for a NEW ITEM Review!!

 The Spring Summer 2017 New Product:
Lemon Wedgie Lipscrub
now in these cute little pocket sized thing instead of the tins~ though I like the tins, they are hard to share, and got kinda messy, but these should be a lot cleaner but still just as yummy!! hehe!

 Lemon Wedgie  
Caffeinated Lip Balm

 I haven't tried the lip balm, But I hear they are TWICE THE SIZE of the original lip balms, better taste, and they seem to have topped themselves!! Good Work Posh!!  

and for the second part of my review:

Lemony Snicket A Series Of Unfortunate Events Movie and Show!
I LOVE the movie from 2004, The Kids are sweet like Honey, and Lemony is well, Lemony Right? All the characters were vibrant and well played, story was divine, and the lead girl reminded me of someone quite close to me! hehe.... 

  I loved everything about the movie and give it 5 stars! When I heard they were making a Series of Unfortunate Events series, with NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, I couldn't be MORE THRILLED! I am so excited to watch it! I hope the show is every bit of wonderful as the movie! 

They have it on NETFLIX RIGHT NOW!!
(at least the New Show is!! )
I have high hopes!! And may the Baudelaire kids Hearts heal like Honey Honey does for skin!! HEAL! 

 I have already watched the FIRST episode, and So far, I like it! Though I miss the kids from the movie, these kids do a great job at getting the characters down! The girl, and Neil especially!! What do you think about the show? Post a comment below

And check out all my lemony honey products today! All Natural, and Healing! 

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