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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#TooFaced #LaCreme, #Wish and #MirinaFamousJewelry!!

SO I Got a couple things for myself for Christmas, (and my boyfriend) I am still waiting on a few, (though 2 of them from should have been here but now says it has a few more days, and the other which CLAIMS it was already delivered (tracking wise) on the 11th, But asked me to wait til the 29th to start complaining)

Anyway, ON to the AWESOMENESS!

Aren't My New Paws the CUTEST!! 
 They are SUPER SOFT and FLUFFY!
And I have worn them a few times 
out in the cold and they are SUPER WARM!!  
I am EXTREMELY Satisfied!!
I  got them for only $1.90  
(There was an extra percentage off or something for purchasing them quickly
Not bad for only a couple BUCKS! 

I had to have them!! 
I got them on 
Where they have 
INSANE deals on 
ALL kinds of things!! 



This was my FIRST EVER Too Faced Purchase!
and I got it Half Off! 
I Got it for $11!! SERIOUSLY!
RIGHT NOW there is a sale again!

TooFaced La Creme Lipsticks 50% off Sale


Lip Balms Too!!

HURRY Before they are gone!!
How does it look! I LOVE IT!! It's Super silky and super hydrating Like they say!!And it's GORGEOUS! All I am wearing is the Too Faced Lipstick, THAT'S IT, no other make up! Then THIS PICTURE Below got noticed by Mirina Collections Jewelry on Instagram 

Me in 
Marshmallow Bunny
La Creme

 And They Asked ME to be an AMBASSADOR for their Famous Necklace LINE!! OF COURSE I Said YES!! I will be a Mirina girl by NEXT week!! What does that mean?? A Free REALLY NICE necklace for ME (actually, 2 free necklaces for me, and another one for over HALF off! Go to the link above and tell me THAT isn't a FANTASTIC deal!) NOT to mention a CODE for you to get a GREAT DEAL on them too!! 

Let me tell you, THEY HAVE THE CUTEST SUNGLASSES I HAVE EVER SEEN! I will also get one of those to show off next week!! I can't WAIT to show you!!


I Also got 
as a free gift!

Me in
Naked Dolly 
La Creme

How do YOU think I look? 

Are you as excited as I am to see my new Necklaces from Mirina Collections? 

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