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Friday, January 6, 2017

Being sick sucks!!

  1. I haven't been sick in Years!! So when my boyfriend came down with the flu a couple weeks ago, the very next day I was sick too!! My head felt like it was exploding every time I coughed, my body hurts all over, I hate it!! Dan still needs to get his Posh Kit with the Immunator stick!! I wish we had it now!! At least in had my onion, my store throat was gone after one night!! Just cut an onion in half and leave it where you sit, sleep, and it sucks up all the virus!! Again, sore throat gone after one night!! Anyway, I've been so out of it, I'm pretty much just watching Netflix with my boyfriend and trying to recover!! But if you want to avoid getting what we have, (you don't want it) get the Immunator stick at the first sign of sickness, and it goes away!! If I had it, I wouldn't be stuck in bed feeling like this!! I am feeling a ton better now, there had been a slight lingering cough, but the worst is long gone!! I was too out of it to sit at my computer and go online!!! Bingeing in Netflix helped us through though!!