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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Porefect All Natural Clear Skin DayzSparklePosh

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I have been using this every other day, I LOVE IT!!!

I have been using this since the day I got it, December 9th, I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT SO FAR!! I am NOT even kidding you, my skin looks amazing! (combined with all the products, I am sure, but THIS you can REALLY see!) I am SO happy with this product #Porefect #ChunkBar, it smells AMAZING and Really makes my skin feel great! 
I follow it with
 Night & Day Face Moisturizer

Hover Over to find the links, Get these yourself, I Promise you will LOVE being #Pampered!

7 oz / 199 g
When your pores refuse to take the hint, reach for Porefect! Meadowsweet root, tea tree, eucalyptus, and blueberry deep clean pores and refresh skin while gently washing and nourishing. Apply to wet face, lather, and repeat daily to perfection.

Eucalyptus and tea tree

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