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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pampered 4 The Holidays DayzSparklePosh Holiday Gift Ideas 1

 Want To Be Pampered 4 The Holidays!?

*You may notice this repeated on it's own page 

(that won't be here forever, this will) :-)

I can't help wanting to SHARE THE SAVINGS!!



You are now looking the newest Consultant for PERFECTLY POSH!! THAT'S RIGHT!! 

and I want to PAMPER YOU!

 And now its so easy and inexpensive!!
Take a Spa Day at home!!

Do you know why?

My U.S. Fans can all order some of the most Decadent  Amazing Smelling, and NATURAL Skin and Beauty products, and a large portion of this list of completely VEGAN products!! 


 They tell you EVERY SINGLE THING in the
 Ingredients List!! 

*No secretly harsh chemicals like SLS in these babies!

I realized I don't take enough time to Pamper myself and it's a bout time I Changed it!!!

I am extremely happy with all the reviews I have heard, as well as the word of mouth from my amazing friend Shauna who introduced me! I love you girl! There are a couple amazing product secrets I will teach you as I learn them too!! 

I am EXTREMELY sad that these are only offered in the U.S, Maybe someday that will change, but for now that's how it is! I'm so sorry!! 

Anyway I will be throwing a Launch Party
Be sure to be there!! THIS COMING MONDAY at 7:30pm to 8:30pm, There will be prizes, you get to know about some of the products, it will be so much fun! I REALLY hope to see you there!! I love YOU ALL!

Here are some of the Winter Items I am So excited to show you!!!  


These are even a cute GIFT IDEAS!!

Click product title to buy!

 # HH5156
7 oz/199g
This exclusive Chunk gives you the evergreen clean you’ve been pining for. Shea butter, palm oil, and glycerin clean and hydrate with the festive scent of pine. Lather up in the bath or shower, apply from head to toe, and let the naturally based ingredients spruce up your skin!
While supplies last.
Frosted pine 

This is included in Buy 5, Get the 6th FREE. 

EARN 100 perks

P.S. These will also be posted individually on my blog posts because this page will change later on during the next season! Sorry if things get repetitive sometimes!

 Ask me how!!
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