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Friday, December 16, 2016

Im Not Too Faced But I Want To Be

 Well with Makeup that is, Otherwise I am very straight forward!!! I want the Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection so bad I can ALREADY SMELL IT!!

I have No make up on, which means I am SO ready to wear my Too Faced PEACH MAKEUP!!

My face is fresh, and clean, and longing to try some peaches for the first time!!!! Peach me, Darlings!?! Peach me!?! I'm SOO ready to celebrate!! <3 <3

Hey, With all the holiday frenzy, and My New love for Perfectly Posh, not to mention all these Holiday Youtube and Cosmetic Giveaways, which, I haven't had internet for a while, so THIS is the first I have seen all this and It's got me so excited I have been neglecting my blogs! Don't worry, when the holiday is over, you will see a TON more from me!) I am STILL going in STRONG! I have been watching TONS of YouTube videos, of all these Influencers and Bloggers and they have me and a TON of others super excited to win ALL KINDS of amazing things~

I know if I win some of them, I will DEFINITELY be giving out presents to the people I love! But one of my Favorite things I have entered into is the

Click the link above if you would like to enter too! TODAY is the LAST DAY to enter!! And here are the Official Rules!

I found this image on Glamour!

I was in love with the Chocolate Palette (I still am, And I STILL plan on getting it... but then I found the Sweet Peach Palette!! OMG OMG Gorgeous colors and SMELLS LIKE PEACHES?!? The only thing that could make it better is if they came out with a PEAR collection!!!  (p.s., you heard the Pear Collection HERE first!! lol) and I KNOW I will use them ALL, not just a few colors, because I'm an artist like that. I haven't worn TOO much makeup over the years, but I just haven't found anything that just SCREAMS at me, LIKE The Peach Collection!  To Enter, you Upload a Photo, and then use their TOTALLY CUTE Sweet Peach Emojis to decorate your photo, and Then the most creative is chosen to win the ENTIRE COLLECTION!!  

I Found this image on My Beauty Bunny

Now, Personally, I had a REALLY hard time on my Tablet with the image and Emojis, so much that I LITERALLY had to upload and RE MAKE my image 6 TIMES!! actually 7, but one of them froze before I even started on the emojis, and had to refresh the page again... BUT I got exactly What I wanted for my image!! Isn't it CUTE?? There were SO many ENTRIES! They were all pretty cute, VERY CUTE!! But I LOVE mine the best *we are allowed to be biased on our own entries right?  lol Here it is again.... hehe

Here is what I put on My Instagram too lol!

My face is Fresh and Clean and Waiting for PEACHES!!! Peach me Darlings, Peach me!! I just entered to win a whole lot of @TOOFACED MAKEUP!! Here's my ENTRY!! I LOVE it, You think it's cute TOO?? HEHE!! #celebrating #toofaced #millionsofpeaches #peachesforme #peachme #sparklep8nter #tfsweetpeach #sweetpeach

P.S. Good luck to EVERYONE who ENTERED!!! The Winner will be VERY BLESSED INDEED!!

Right now I am waiting right now for my Lip Creme (the Marshmallow Bunny! (and free samples, WHAT!?! I Got a Sample of Deluxe La Creme in Naked Dolly with it, and a Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer Sample Card ! I ordered it a few days ago while it was FREAKING HALF OFF! YES it was $11!!! It should be here SATURDAY! EEEK!!!!

*All images are credited back to where I found them, If I win, I will Make my own images!!  SO until then, visit the links listed Under the images!!!