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Sunday, December 18, 2016

My Lash Pop Results *UPDATE Day 8 Lash Pop Natural Growth Serum with Perfectly Posh

My Lash Pop Results!! 

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 SparkleP8nters Day 8 Results Open!

I have been using Lash Pop, Perfectly Posh's Natural Lash Growth Serum,  since the day I received it on Friday Dec 9, 2016. The first image is DAY 1  *(actually its 2 months ago, but that works as day one, no mascara or anything on) and DAY 8 (eyes closed) and, as you can see it is TOTALLY WORKING!! Hows this for Eye Popping Eyelashes?!?

Lash Pop Really Works!!

I have to take a new one for today, Day 10, and I forgot to post these but WOW!! 

Results say anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks (even more in 30 days! And in 8 days my inner and outer lashes (well all my lashes) are getting longer and thicker! IT REALLY WORKS!!!  I just took this second image 20 minutes ago!! 

I will have Open Eye photos soon, The camera does NO justice for my lower lashes! (I started my lower lashes on day 5, so today is day 5 for those!! as well! 

If THIS is what I get in 10 day, imagine what YOU will have in 2 weeks to a MONTH!! NO MORE MASCARA!! 
(well, only if you want to :-D )

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