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Saturday, May 6, 2017

The WEEK I need an Immunator! Thieves Blend, Essential Oils

Go Figure, Never know when you are going to get sick. I have been around several sick people this week and last, and I have been trying to avoid getting sick because I am very busy and can't afford to get sick, literally!! It RUINS your plans, it makes you hurt all over. It Messes with your head! And ME? It Makes me Cry!! And that hurts worse!!! All I want to do is sleep.... :-(

Today, no... THIS WEEK we have TONS of Important plans including Errands, Laundry/Clothes,  Storage stuff!! A Wedding!!! (though we didn't find out til last minute that the date was changed... too last minute to avoid :-( )

We just have LOTS of stuff to do!!

And now my throat hurts, lymph nodes are swollen, everything aches, and it hurts to move, I am staying hydrated, but even drinking water hurts!!  I don't want to do anything, even typing hurts

I have HAD IT!!  

I went on my Perfectly Posh and decided, I AM USING MY PERKS!!! I am getting a FREE Immunator Stick Dangit!!!!

It's basically thieves blend  of essential oils in Shea Butter which makes it easier to use, and portable!!  I have heard SO many good things about it, and wanting to order for months! NOW I got it FREE!! 

I wish I could jump up and down for joy!! 

But it hurts too much!

I got a Free Immunator Skin Stick with Perks I earned!!

All Perks I earned from Purchases, Others as well as my own purchases!!  My Shipping was  was paid with Commission I earned from Purchases as well!

This is money I can use In Posh for purchases, or On my Posh Pay Card!! 


I LOVE being a Perfectly Posh Consultant!!

I just HATE being sick, and I am HARDLY ever sick... but I couldn't go through it again... I HAD to break and buy the Immunator Skin Stick...

AND I EARNED Perks on this purchase as WELL! Spent Perks, AND EARN MORE PERKS!!!


I earned 500 PERKS for being a LOYAL Posh Customer!! 
I purchased something (even free item with bought with Perks)
and earned 500 Perks for ordering 3 months in a row!!

500 Perks is $5 FREE!

I REALLY HOPE this comes soon... But I have a feeling I will get it on Thursday next week....

If you want to stay healthy, and You feel like you are coming down with something, don't do what I did and wait last minute! Be prepared!! If I had had it last week, I wouldn't be sick right now!!

Now I gotta get some crap done while I feel like crap! Then back to bed :-( 

Stay Healthy!

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