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Sunday, May 7, 2017

KremlinTheCats Blog: He's So Perfectly Posha, Cruelty Free

Guest Post from KremlinTheCat's Blog: He's So Perfectly Posha

Things are Stressful, even for me, POSHA... I chase Kremlin around all day, trying to get him to PLAY, but he is just a grump!! The rest of the time, I'm sleeping, or eating!!

My Mom used to take what she called pictures, til one day she yelled at her black square-ish boxy thing cuz it wouldn't turn on, and stopped pointing it at me to make these flat squares of me in them. 

She has been sad about it.. 

these are some of the old squares she made of me

Hello Sweetie

Night & Day Facial Meowsturizer

 Lil Snarky
She calls me  a Lil Snarky sometimes!!!
 She sells this smelly stuff, SHE loves it, but I don't love it..
But they don't use it on animals like me, only Humans, so that's why I like it!

Maybe she will get another square box thingy to make more me squares!!  It's kinda fun!!

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