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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blossoms Up! Posh's Sicilian Orange Bath Bomb!! LIMITED TIME!! NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!

Take a little break with this moisturizing bath bomb, featuring sunny and skin-softening coconut oil with a bright and sophisticated Sicilian orange scent. Just lock the door, bomb your bath, and soak up supple skin.
Bright Sicilian orange
I heard there WILL be crying if you don't get it, It May sell out VERY quickly!!  If there is any desire for this orange fizzy delight in a bath, Get it while there's still a chance!!!

LOTS of things are Out of stock and selling out SUPER QUICKLY!!  You see Everything here? Now I hear Moisturize 911! Seriously!! 
SO IF YOU WANT it, even at all YOU NEED to order!!! 

And it's Sicilian, Sophisticated & Bright, Like Me! 
 Come on! 

Blossoms Up!!

Use in One luxurious bath or, slice up for a few nice soaks!! 

 YEP! You Snooze you lose!! Sorry but you MISSED IT!!

But you can get any one of our awesome specials!! 

Try Our Feature of the Week!! 
This week it's
 Shore Perfection Body Wash!!

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