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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Healer Stick!! Healing Properties Vanilla Orange Essential Oils in Shea Butter!!


A Fellow Perfectly Posh Consultant- 

"My sisters personal results from The Healer. She had open heart surgery when she was 6years old (scar is 15years old!! And only used miderma way back when, never kept up with it) "

 I just got this on our Posh Group! 
This was just over a MONTH of results, Twice a Week! and a 15 Year Old SCAR!! 


The Healer even works on the WORST Chapped Lips!! 

I love the healer, and I love seeing others results!! When I get more, and can get some pictures of my own, I will!!

 The HEALER Skin Stick is Vanilla and Orange essential oils, and is safe on all ages!! It has such amazing healing and soothing properties, because
It's Essential Oils wrapped up in Shea Butter!!  These results are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

It works on ANY Dry, Irritated skin, and will gently sooth sensitive skin



 It also helps with a whole bunch of other things like super sensitive skin, cuts, scrapes, psoriasis, eczema, bug bites, even acne!!

 The Healer is also amazing for new and old scars, including after surgery and Tattoos, even Stretch Marks!!!! 

 It was gone for a while! BUT It JUST CAME BACK in stock not to long ago!  I hope it stays for a while!! I need to get one!


Get a Healer Stick HERE!! I Believe this should be in EVERY HOME!!

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