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Friday, April 28, 2017


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Waiting for another ultra promotion? 

WELL Not only is there more Items in the Specials section, Like $9  $4 Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes!

 Boho Soul is $4 right now!! If you like the more Sandalwoody scents with a HINT of spiced fruits (but not super fruity) THIS one is the BFYHC or you! With apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, aloe, vitamin E, and the scent of exotically spiced fruits and oud wood, This Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme will Keep the Moisture in, and have everyone asking you "WHERE did you get that? Where can I Get one!?" 

Boho Soul is not the only 
(some items our now out of stock, get these items while they are here, because they will be gone forever! I missed out on buying more LASHPOP!! DON'T MISS OUT LIKE I DID!) 

When they ask, Just share your Referral link  in the Top Right Corner of Each Page. When you sign up for Perks BEFORE you buy, every Page/Item will give you a personal referral link to share, and everyone who uses YOUR link will earn YOU free POSH Products!!!

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But TODAY is the ONLY DAY that will offer you FREE SHIPPING when you spend $75 (and with posh, you could get a LOT for $75)

Don't believe me?

ALL of our items are ALL NATURAL and free from the typical SLS, Parabens, Parafins, and Nasty stuff that does NOT Belong on your skin! 

 Each Chunk will last you 2-4 months *even with daily use*
A Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme will give TONS of uses too, because all you need is a pea sized amount, and with Apricot Kernel Oil, you will not have to use it very often! 

Buy it all for yourself, OR SHARE it with everyone you love! I know you know a birthday coming up, there is something for EVERYONE on here! EVERYONE deserves a bit of pampering!! 

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