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Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Snark Be With You

OK, so I have had a busy day, but part of it involved obviously watching Star Wars.  but I promised myself I would make a post in dedication, and what better, than to promote the FIRST Snarky Bar I ever bought, for my boyfriend, because of course he LOVES Star Wars, and Everything Star Wars, and WOW does this smell amazing!!! 

 This bar is Seriously a GREAT Exfoliating bar, Both Men and Women love the Musky Amber  with a SPLASH of Citrus Melon! I know WE Do!  (JUST DO NOT USE ON FACE! It is SERIOUSLY SNARKY!)
I wish My tablet was working, It decided to turn off and never turn back on again, and the force is NOT working on it... So no pictures, FOR NOW!
This snarky bar is on the RETIRED LIST, so I do NOT know how long it will last! Get it before everyone else does!!
I needed to make sure I had this out BEFORE MIDNIGHT, so this is a short post! But More posts coming soon!!
 Now it's time for the next movie!!
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