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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Earn DOUBLE PERKS on ALL In Season Catalog Items!! Perks Equal FREE STUFF!!!

Perks are Awesome!!!

 What are Perks? When You Order an Item from Me, or You share your referral link, YOU earn Perks on your order! One Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme is $9, You earn 90 perks or 90 Cents  

But RIGHT NOW Every IN CATALOG Item is DOUBLE PERKS!! You earn $1.80  or 180 Perks back on that $9 Hand Creme!!! 

Request a catalog! 
I can mail you one, or you can download one Coming Soon!

 You can ALSO earn Double Perks on This 

Order before it's Gone!!

$60 for the Bundle... you earn $12 BACK in PERKS!!! 

 That's like spending... $48 on all 4 products... Except you get to spend the difference on MORE items!! 

Perks SERIOUSLY add up!!

I got THIS for $14!! 

For Real!! This was MY order!! 

I got the Immunator Stick for Free!! 

Or you can save them up and order something you can ONLY order in 


Like the 

You can ONLY order this with PERKS!! 

2,400 Perks to be exact!! 

and with this Double Down Perks, It's Easy to earn perks!! If you order the spring nights bundle, you are HALFWAY to the perks to buy That's What Shea Said!!

That's what I am setting my NEXT Perks on!!

What do you want to order with perks?

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