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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Couples Night In Show and Posh Review All Ive Avo Wanted was to Go West and get Murphy To California

Couples Night In 
Movie/Show & Posh Review!

CELEBRATING Z Nations Return to Z Netflix! SEASON 3 That is!!


 Pre P.S.! Sign up for PERKS to earn money back towards future purchases!


Complexion Perfection!: made with Peppermint and Walnut Shells. You use whatever you can get your hands on in the apocalypse, and these look like good materials to use in a face wash! Walnuts and Peppermint are easy to find!! Great to exfoliate with!! Get your stockpile up today, before the hoard gets to it first! Don't let the apocalypse be an excuse to not wash your face!!! (I have only tried the sample, but I PERSONALLY SWEAR by this stuff, and the Moisturize 911!)

When your face is clean, next you need to detox, we call this an "Off" Mask!

Go West Face Mask: To Save the world, Murphy and his team are trying to GO WEST to California from New York! Through the desert, and the forest, they will find their way to make that cure!! Get a Deep Clean with Go West and Join Murphy, Doc, Warren, 10k and the rest and kick some Toxin Butt!


( Go West could also be REPLACED with Cackle Spackle to look have a more authentic Bluish Grey Murphy like look!!! Both are equally detoxing, and Both will keep the Z Nation Party Rolling!)

Cackle Spackle For Murphys look


Then you need to use a Moisture Mask, when you take the bad stuff out, you should always use an ON Mask, or a Hydrating mask to put the good stuff back in!

This is our featured item this week only!!  
Get it while it's $1 off NOW!!

All I've Avo Wanted: Walking through the desert through a hoard of zombies, you need to stay HYDRATED, Staying Hydrated is almost as good as PIE, All I've Avo Wanted is perfect to lock in moisture in the heat! Avocado is food... at least Posh is All Natural!! Nearly good enough to eat!
I Absolutely LOVE this stuff It's so soothing and hydrating!! It's All I've AVO WANTED! All I Avo NEEDED!

Facial Moisturizer

Moisturize911: Like I said, You need LOTS of Moisture! Keep your FACE hydrated and AWAKE with Caffeine!! YES!! That's like Coffee For Your FACE!!

I personally LOVE THIS STUFF! I was going back and for between this and Night & Day! I only had samples and I am OUT! I NEED MORE
My Personal Vote of 
Top Facial Moisturizer in my opinion!

I LOVE it with Complexion Perfection! Peppermint and Walnut Shells, You use whatever you can get your hands on in the apocalypse, and these seam like good materials to use in a face wash!


Then, You did your face, What about your body? What on your body needs a detox? The Stripper will draw out all those nasty toxins your body collects throughout the week. Who KNOWS WHAT toxins you might have during the zombie apocalypse! You can detox the bottoms of your feet, and your armpits as well!  

(especially if you use a lot of Antiperspirants, which are VERY bad for you, clog your pores and will cause very painful cysts! if so, then The Stripper is GREAT for you!) 
The Stripper Body Mask: a super detox on any part of your body that needs a detox!It might even sooth Poison Oak/Poison Ivy, I heard claims of this from a few different consultants!!!! Keep your body Toxin Free! It is also good for Murphy's Little Show Dancers in town! You know what I'm talking about, Sunshine?

THis one WONT soothe Poison Oak

That Totals exactly $100!! and when you 
BUY 5 you GET 1 FREE
Get something around the same price as your lowest product!! Don't low-ball yourself! If your lowest price is $19, pick a $19 for free!! 


The Healer can work for severely chapped skin, It worked for mine! That with one of the scrubs is a perfect match!

 what more proof do you need? THIS IS AMAZING STUFF!! I don't even use anything else anymore!!
THIS FIRST image is 2 weeks after carpal tunnel surgery in a fellow consultants mother. 
The next photo is 3 days LATER!! 

THIS is what the HEALER can do for you! Now tell me if you think the Z Nation Characters could use this!! Maybe not Murphy, but the others could!

 I Just sold my Healer Stick to my mom because she loved it so much!! (along with my Perk Stick! That's another story) I still have a small container of The Healer though and I LOVE IT FOR SO MANY REASONS! I AM getting more!!! If you HOST a party, and there is $200 in sales or more, You as the host COULD possibly WIN a Healer Stick from me (who knows! The prizes will change, but let me know if the healer is what you are hoping to win!!!)

  And of course you can't forget CITIZEN Z! He's the backbone of the team!! He gives them HOPE and The Will to believe they will do good! Not just them! EVERYONE! He is the voice of Life, Hope and Survival! Don't leave him out in the cold! 

Try Cold Snap Winter Prep Body Creme
  to save your skin from the winter frost!
This ultra-hydrating formula works overtime by infusing skin with long lasting moisture! Just what he needs to beat the cold!!!
AND it also happens to be Posh Founder 
Ann Daltons 
FAVORITE Posh Product!

IF you were to put all of these items in you cart
this is the breakdown

                          $19 Go West Detox Face Mask
                         $19 All I've Avo Wanted Mask
         $19 Moisturize 911
                       $24 The Stripper Body Mask
   $16 Cold Snap 
         Free!  $14 The Healer Skin Stick
                    $97 PLUS You would earn 
                          $  9.70  Back in PERKS on your next purchase!
                             $87.30/6 items= $14.55
 SO if you count the savings you earn back in PERKS, basically you have paid  
$14.55  Each
for ALL 6 ITEMS!! 
That is some SERIOUS SAVINGS!!!
 And our products go a long way! I have been using the same bottle of facial moisturizer (Night & Day) EVERY night and day for 3 months, and I am barely HALF way through the bottle!!! (yes and others had sampled it too!)

Lets Shake a Leg!

 AND there you go! 
Get the POSH/Z Party going with your friends! Have a night of Detoxing and Pampering (both Men and Women Welcome) even when Warren, Abby and the rest can't, YOU SURE CAN!

AND Don't forget to WATCH Z NATION on Syfy or Netflix! 



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