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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Host a Posh Spa Day!!

Posh is an All Natural Pampering company who use ONLY THE BEST ingredients to put on your skin!! 

Go ahead and take a look at the ingredients in your soap, really, go look up your soap brand. Does it say Sodium Tallowate anywhere? Do you know what that is? That is Rendered Animal Fat! Basically you are rubbing hamburger ALL over your face! how is that supposed to get you clean? I'm not joking!! Many MANY TOP BRANDS use rendered animal fat, as well as a lot of other gross harsh things just to FILL SPACE!! We don't have fillers, EVER!! No SLS, Lanolin, Soy etc!!

 Would you LOVE to Try Perfectly Posh, but you don't have any money right now?

Host a Spa Day with your friends and family!!

If you live close by, we can schedule an event at your house or go out for coffee, and You can try, feel, smell everything I have and see what you like most! If you live far away, I will send you a small Party Hosting Kit to share with friends and family you want to Host a Spa Day with,
 Including a couple of Catalogs, (hang on to your *catalog btw, DON'T THROW Them away, cash them in to me for more free stuff!!)

Here is how the Party Points Go!!


 Set it up to be In your home and/or have the ONLINE party for people to purchase their favorite items right there online!! Make sure they Sign up for PERKS FIRST! That way BOTH of you are Earning Perks for EVERYTHING Purchased! And YOU will earn TONS of Perks for Hosting the party! That means FREE POSH FOR YOU!!

When ordering items for your party, Remember the Buy 5 get 1 free rule, if 4 people want one item each, Get one more item so you get a free product!!

PLUS you EARN PERKS, AND you get a free sample with EVERY order!! 

Ask Me How on Twitter Or My Perfectly Posh Facebook page on how to Host a Party and Earn Free Posh!! 

If you would like to sample these items First, Let me know!! I would love to send you a sample pack!! Add me on Facebook or twitter and let me know what you would like to try!

 If you spend (or your party makes) $50, You the Host or Hostess will get a cute little sample bag of some of the items not mentioned at the party to enjoy yourself, AND you will be entered to Win a Retired Caffeinated Lip Balm while supplies last! 
(choice of regular lip balm or Man Balm)

If you spend (or your party makes) $100 or more, You the host or hostess are entered to win a BFYHC (Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme) or a Chunk Bar!!

If you spend $300 (or your party makes) or more, Enter to win ANY ONE ITEM On My Page, New Or several retired items up to $25 Value!!! There a particular Body Scrub you know is just perfect for your sister but you just spent it all on face masks and big fat yummy hand cremes for family and friends?? The Body Scrub is Yours!! (or whatever you pick)

If you spend (or your party makes) $500 or more, Enter to win a Posh Party $50 Shopping spree for new and Retired products.

That can be 6 of the $5 Retired BFYHC's. Or 6 new Chunk Bars Or two $19 Masks (an "off" and an "on") and then you have $12 to pick what every else you wanted, Lip Balms, a retired snarky bar, anything you wanted!!  It can be regular 3 skin sticks!!! but remember, If you are getting 5 items, you might as well get a 6th for free! (if it goes over the $50+Shipping, You just pay the difference!)

Winner will be selected at the END of Each Month!!



Want to win products but don't have the cash? I need Hostesses! If You want to give you and your friends a Spa Day, and they end up spending money, YOU EARN FREE POSH By Earning Perks!!  You can spend perks on Products, or save them up for much bigger things!

 You can even Save all of your perks and JOIN MY TEAM for FREE (just pay shipping and tax (if applicable) and the cost of your Money card, the total being about $17!! This is a BRAND NEW OFFER!! We have never been able to use perks to JOIN until NOW!! THIS IS AN AMAZING POSHORTUNITY!! Join My Team and BE a part of something WONDERFUL!! A Part of something Clean &Nurturing!! Something Good For you!! And SUPER FUN!!


and SKIP the hosting  
(Today is always Best!)
BEFORE February 28th 2017

I WILL Send you and EXTRA SPECIAL PRIZE RIGHT AWAY! A FULL SIZED PRODUCT!! I have several prizes waiting to fall into your life and pamper you!!! You will LOVE being on my team!!

(There will be LOTS of incentives like this when you join my team! Lots of Prizes in store for you when we build our team!)

Then you can start sharing posh with YOUR friends and family! 


*Return catalogs to Me for Free Samples and earn a BFYHC after you buy 5 times!