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Friday, August 4, 2017

NETFLIX vs. Hulu, and Where is Rick and Morty Season 3?? Hulu Fans Outraged!!

For a LONG while, I didn't have TV. I had semi downgraded because My Mom had Direct TV, but when we moved, and I got my own place, She took it with her :-) 

So for a long while, I was watching whatever my Rabbit ears could pick up, went through hell trying to watch glitchy, pause-y, screwed up shows and Never got to see a full episode.... it was AGONIZING!   (somewhere I have an example of me trying to watch Ellen... I will post it if I find it someday)

 THEN everyone started talking, "Netflix This, Netflix That, Netflix is SO AWESOME"

So years later, we come to NOW...well about 3 years ago... when we (my boyfriend and I) moved into our new place, I made the decision to FINALLY get Netflix.... 

I couldn't handle just watching my same dvds, and recorded vhs from the last 25 years, again... and again....  AND AGAIN...

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my recorded memories of The WB, and Disney Channel... but I wanted something NEW!! 


Fast forward to Now....

I have been having lots of FUN watching Netflix, BUT it is semi limited...

When you watch a show... It is limited to When Netflix decides to add the new Seasons/Episodes...

Example. We just got into Z Nation.... and we had watched Seasons 1 and 2... and were DYING to see what happened, Did Zona Win? WHAT happened to 10K?? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON??

So a couple months go by, and FINALLY Season 3 was added... OMG we were so excited we watched the first 5 episodes in 2 days!!!

 Now we are at the end, AGAIN patiently waiting to find out WHAT HAPPENED?? Is Murphy OK, is he DEAD? OMG OMG what the HECK! WHERES LUCY??  Did I REALLY just SEE them JUMP?? NOOOOO!!!


So A Couple Months ago, (4 actually) I was on Swagbucks and I noticed that I could earn 2,500 SB if I ordered HULU!!

I knew Hulu had it's own way of doing things, I wasn't sure what, But I wanted to find out.

So I took swagbucks up on their offer. 

(I am PRETTY sure I was supposed to get a 30 Day Free Trial... THAT never happened, they charged me right away.... (got anything to say about that Hulu?) Here is PROOF... 

Anyway, I have now had it for about 4 months, and I  took a liking to it, VERY quickly! They have all KINDs of other options, shows that Netflix doesn't offer. And like Netflix,  they have their OWN Hulu based shows (only offered on Hulu) that I have  grown fond of. (Imaginary Mary, being My FAVE one so far, GREAT SHOW!)

But Hulu & Netflix Each have their own Qualities that cannot compare to eachother...

  • New Episodes Weekly! I mean, Lets say you are into Pretty Little Liars, Like me, and you NEED the Update, Need to see the new Episode, and you DON'T want to wait a year for the whole thing to go on Netflix.... You got it MADE!! *UPDATE BELOW
  • Great Shows Only Offered On Hulu!!
  • Ability to have Commercials, OR go Commercial Free for $4 more!!
  • When you are watching a series, it just Plays the next one!!! I LOVE THAT!! (unless I fall asleep, then I gotta figure out where I was at before I fell asleep! THAT sucks!!
  • Sometimes you get to CHOOSE which commercial you play... if you are tired of one, you could PICK the other...
  • You also get to choose if you get commercials DURING the show... or you could get your commercials BEFORE the show, and then play the show all the way through! I LOVE that option, but I think you only see it after several episodes already played...
  • Referral Program! Hulu lets you share a 2 week  Free Trial, and when Your friends, or someone uses YOUR link, YOU earn $10! You can either send it through Email, OR you can add a link to your Blog, or on Social Media! 
Join ME  on hulu for your free trial, and start sharing with friends!! (Yes That is MY referral code!!)

  • The commercials are SO REPETITIVE! to the point of the same commercials EVERY BREAK...
  • When you rewind to hear what someone said, even only rewind 2 seconds, SOMETIMES commercials start up.. EVEN if you JUST GOT BACK from that SAME SET of commercials!  (and it will play ALL of them again....) So if It just played 4 commercials... then my Show comes back and I didn't hear  what someone said, I rewind Literally a HALF a second, and THEN the 4 SAME commercials Play Again!!! Seriously HULU??? I just wanted to rewind, not SEE ALL the COMMERCIALS again! I guess that's why they have the commercial free option... I would say it would definitely be worth the $4 NOT to deal with that.. but for now, I have to deal with commercials... (it's not SO bad... I did see a Marc Worden Subaru commercial I haven't seen since the super bowl like... 8 YEARS ago or something... (Don't know who he is? click his name... If you don't know his name, or you don't think you know who he is...I am SURE you have HEARD him in something... just check him out on IMDB (his name is the link)... There was more to MMC besides Justin and Britney!! It had a HUGE cast of AMAZING people you have seen and heard EVERYWHERE, you just don't know it! MMC FAN FOREVER!!
  •  NOT to mention the Rewind on Hulu itself SUCKS, It's not as bad as some other Apps there are on Roku, but it's still pretty bad... It doesn't go to where you want it to, sometime it goes WAY too far, and then guess what happens, COMMERCIAL CRAP AGAIN..... 

  • When you are watching a series, it just Plays the next one... Yes I know that was a Pro.. BUT it is also a Con...  If I were to fall asleep, I gotta then figure out where I was BEFORE I fell asleep! THAT is annoying) At least it stops after like 5 episodes and asks if you are still there...

  •  Netflix has the BEST Rewind Feature, By Far, on ANY tv/movie app I have ever seen!! It is clear, goes RIGHT to where I was wanting to go.. No questions asked. That part is VERY high Quality! EVEN ON ROKU
  • When you are on a laptop, you have the option to keep playing the show, like Hulu, It will just keep playing. (I don't remember if they ask if you were still watching, I believe they do...but don't take my word for it, I only have a ROKU which doesn't have the auto play)
  • They PICK UP OLD SHOWS!! I was SO excited to see FULLER HOUSE!! I REALLY hope they keep it going!! I hear a LOT of other shows are getting picked up... (Hmmm Maybe they could do a New Sabrina The Teenage Witch could be in the works, I heard Someone may bring it back Someday, Maybe Netflix will! Maybe Sabrina could have a daughter!! THAT would be AWESOME... But mind you, this is MY PERSONAL wishful thinking! Would YOU like to see that too? Maybe I should start a Petition!! Let me know what you think!!)
  • NO COMMERCIALS!! Yeah that's The GREATEST!
  •  Netflix also has the DVD by Mail Option, but I didn't take that route, that is a whole other ballgame!
  • SERVICE CODE- When you are having an issue with Netflix, and you want to call them about your issue, instead of having to deal with telling them  your info OVER and over again, every time they switch you to a new person, they offer you a Service Code. This code (found at the bottom of the Netflix website while you are logged in) Click  Service Code Button and it gives you a Quick and Easy way to get to your account without dealing with all the stress!) Find out more about the service code and what you can do with it HERE

  •  NO NEW EPISODES!! You gotta WAIT! Even if they have aired on TV, you still GOTTA WAIT til Netflix DECIDES to add it....
  • SOMETIMES when a new show/season is added, it starts out kinda glitchy.... but it quickly fixes itself.... so it redeems itself!

Yeah, Netflix doesn't have very many CONS at all...

But As you can see, BOTH have good and bad qualities... Both have their own Shows, Both have a TON of variety, so all in all... I don't think you should just pick JUST one... I think if you had BOTH Hulu and Netflix, you would have EVERYTHING!!! 

Oh and BOTH are GREAT for Binge Watching Whole Seasons of your Favorite shows!! The Best way to watch Shows in my opinion, Just don't pull a Portlandia:ONE MORE EPISODE thing and Miss everything, like work, and events and stuff... Learn when to turn it off!! lmfao!!

Sign up for Hulu 
for a 2 Week Free Trial!


I originally planned to post this 2 months ago, and it never happened, OOPS! Since then.... something has changed....  
July 30th, in many eyes was the Season 3 Premiere of Rick and Morty. TONS have been waiting a couple of YEARS to see season 3, and it was said that the NEW EPISODES would premiere. Subscribers of Hulu however, did NOT get the NEW episodes. 

Hulu used to be good with Next Day Airings of our favorite new episodes, but the last couple days I have seen MORE and MORE angry subscribers QUITTING their subscriptions to Hulu, COMPLETELY ready to switch their tv providers, ALTOGETHER! Don't believe me? Check it out HERE

Hulu, I just would like to know WHEN you are posting your new episodes, Should I try to find them elsewhere, Maybe or are you going to post them soon? 
We would ALL LOVE to know!!  Maybe even save a few Hulu subscribers? Seriously, Left and right , Rick and Morty Fans Unsubscribed!!! It was both INCREDIBLY AMAZING and SUPER Sad to see!  (I Didn't know WHAT to feel!!)

All in all. I Like Hulu, but to limit your customers, forcing them to pay for things you used to offer for free (and sometimes DOUBLE  or even TRIPLE what some providers offer) and NOT offering the NEW Episodes for loyal watchers who who have been waiting years to see.  I think you will be losing out on MANY MANY fans, Hulu. 

I will not quit my subscription over one show because I like some of the Hulu Originals, I do however think that losing THIS many subscribers over one show is extreme, and HAPPENING. Think of how many OTHER shows will not offer Next day streaming on Hulu and THOSE fans will unsubscribe.

For now This is what is New on Hulu This Month, or will be added soon!  

I Completely Understand those who are SO mad they are switching. IF it happens to more  and more shows, I MAY join you!


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