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Monday, June 12, 2017

All Masks on Perfectly Posh Specials 15 Dollars Ending 10am Mountain time TODAY

 I LOVE OUR MASKS!!! AND we are having a MAJOR SALE!!!

I have almost all of them, soon to be all of them!! Here is a breakdown of what you can get!! 

REMEMBER to sign up for PERKS FIRST BEFORE You Make your Purchase!! Why? Because you EARN PERKS towards FREE POSH!!! REALLY!!

 Detoxing Masks!!!

is AWESOME!!! 

Cackle Spackle is SOLD OUT!!!

Though it is NOW apparently SOLD OUT!! YES THAT QUICKLY!! It is SUPER POPULAR!!! So check out our other items we have ON SALE for the next couple HOURS ONLY!!! 

I ALSO LOVE Go West because of it's Double Dose of Clean!! It scrubs you clean, and detoxes from the inside out!!

Moisturizing"ON" Masks!!

I LOVE Pairing Go West with 

Yes I have a WEAK spot for ANYTHING related to or Reminds me of MMC, and *N'SYNC!! Including to but not limited to Quotes, phrazes (like if ANYONE says in sync, or anything ,  I chime in "*N'SYNC like, Ted and Robin on How I Met Your Mother, you know, Major Sale!!

SO many reasons I love Apricots overnight!! And it's $7 OFF Right now!! Super moisturizing, I use it constantly!! 
DON'T miss out on this huge sale! ONLY a couple hours left


ALL OTHER products here are ALSO $15!!

Exfoliating Off Masks

Pineapple Pick Me Up

Ok , LOVE!!! It's exfoliating, but instead of the scrubby kind, it's like an All Natural Chemical Peal made with Pineapple and Papaya! 

and it's clear! so you don't have to worry about scaring people in it!! hehe!

Face Wash!

BFF!! Best Face-wash Forever

This is one of Posh's Most Popular Items!! Get it NOW while it it's available, Like Cackle Spackle, it MAY sell OUT!!

It's Grapefruit and Exfoliating, whats not to love!!
Again, You never know it could sell out! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE PER PERSON!!
THAT is how Important these are!!

Now for my NEW products!

And I am SO EXCITED to try THESE products!!! YAY!! I will let you know what I think!!!  


Exfoliating Off Masks

Calling All Fairies also features a light spun sugar and berries fragrance that’s out of this world.  

I have been wanting this mask, as well as the next one since I started!!

I also have a post or two in mind for my Movie & a Mask!!

Just wait, you'll see!!

I'm Turing Blueberry!!

OMG ok, YES another Dayz Movie & a Mask Coming! I WONDER what it could be!!!

Yogurt and Blueberries! I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Souper Nourishing! I SO CAN'T WAIT OMG!!

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Not much time left! Order while they are only $15!!

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