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Friday, April 21, 2017

Buy 5 Get 1 Free List EXTENDED to RETIRED ITEMS!!!


We have a FABULOUS array of items on our Specials/NewProducts list all in the Buy 5 Get 1 free. WELL NOW some of the Perfectly Posh RETIRED Items are ALSO part of the B5G1 until MAY 1 2017!!  
Check out this list!

ALL Items with the price written PINK is Buy 5 Get 1 Free!!!

I am SO SUPER EXCITED about these items FINALLY being on B5G1 again!! 
My Personal Suggestions. 

Shampoo and Conditioner 
it actually MENDS YOUR ENDS! 
Smells SO FREAKING good and makes your hair SILKY SOFT!

Lash Pop
Lash Growth Serum

  works AMAZINGLY! Wish I had a working Camera to show you more Before and afters!

These were back from December, the START of MYLashpop Use!! THESE are only 12 days, FULL results in 2-3 months!!


The Hipster
Skin Stick
Good for when you are feeling a little anxious! 
Helps put you in a calmer state of mind!

 Honey Honey
Healing Hand Creme
My hands feel so Luxurious after I use this stuff

Vanity Pear
Chunk Bar 
 if you LOVE LOVE Pears like I do, THIS ONE IS THE CHUNK for you! 

Get these items on the B5G1Free while SUPPLIES LAST!! A Few are gone already!