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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Shop Big Save Big: First Huge Savings With Checkout 51!

Shop Big Save Big: First Huge Savings With Checkout 51!

My First BIG Shopping Trip using 
Checkout 51 and Savings Star

 Sorry It has been a  few days.
I have been spending day and night calculating the best possible plan of action to get the most savings on my first HUGE shopping trip with savings cards and coupons. I planned long and hard on this one, lost sleep, but I think I did AMAZINGLY! Remember, I am not the Krazy Coupon Lady, or Couponing 101, YET! But I am here, standing along side you, showing the best possible ways that are sometimes missed by the greats, mentioned above!

So on my FIRST big trip, I planned around Checkout 51 and Savings Star.

 (I STILL missed the $10 bonus on Ibotta, due to NOT having a phone to use that works with the app. There would have been several MORE if I had been able to use it! )

As well as a couple other things
At Target I got 2 bottles of Heinz BBQ for $4, so I got 4 of them.
For every Bottle, I got $1 back on Checkout 51... 

Making Each Bottle $1...

Click Here for the rest of the post.
Find out how much I saved!

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