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Monday, November 14, 2016

Random Recognizer Tv & Film Trivia Blog: Desperate Munsters in the Burbs

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WELCOME to this Segment Called

So back a few years ago, I was in the whole Desperate Housewives Craze, I STILL LOVE IT!

Well it isn't much of a surprise to most people who have taken the Desperate Housewives Tour on Colonial Street, that that several people moved in and out of that house throughout the seasons. Mr and Mrs Mullins, Betty Applewhite and her sons, etc....I noticed this back when I started watching, before the birth of #RandomRecognizer the blog.

And I have Always Loved the Munster's, and Though the home is a bit different, IT is EASY to spot it!!

 (screen capture from the online Desperate Housewives tour linked below!)

 Here is a shot from Desperate Housewives
Many people move in and out of this house throughout the seasons, 
I wonder why people kept moving...
Maybe it had a creepy vibe left over from The Munster's!?

If you can't see it, Here it is again without the title in the way

And here is The Munster's Home... See the resemblance? On first season (which is when I first spoted it, it looked More like the Munster's House)
I guess too many people could tell, so they Remodeled it for Second Season... BUT No one is fooling ME!

Here are the Applewhite's Moving In(?)
(I think they are moving in...or they could be moving out, 
so many moved in and out of this house, it's hard to keep track, 
I think it just had that 
Vibe, *See what I did there?* )

 There are the Applewhite's DEFINITELY Moving Out with her son,
with Susan Mayer's house right on the other side....

Here's that house again, also right next door to The Solis Family...

Now on to the REASON of my post...
A friend brought over a movie I hadn't seen in SO LONG, and my boyfriend HADN'T SEEN IT! I couldn't believe it, so we had to put it on!

Can anyone guess what it was??
That's RIGHT!!


But what is so interesting about


A Fantabulous Cast?
Well YES..... 
But What Else? Anything?

Your Neighbour/Neighbor You Say? Is it Really?
But which one?

Bet you can't guess who's house this is!
Looks CAN be deceiving!


Was it The Munster's? 
Nah, they moved out ages ago, 
Ricky Butler Lives there Now....

 Actually, it's Miss Pedersen...(EEEEEK!!)
Thank you Cor-ermm... RICKY!!
(And he's been saying "GO FOR IT" since the 80's!! YAY!!)

(PS Here is a poem I wrote and dedicated to 
Corey towards the cowardly haters out in the world!

(ehem... can anyone else tell that Corey Feldman is ONE of My favorite actors of all time?   ANYWHO!!)

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