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Saturday, October 1, 2016

First Day of October!!

Today is the first day of October, So I think it's a great day to post my first official post for DayzPage.
I am Daynah, Also known as SparkleP8nter for my Graphic Arts, and #RandomRecognizer on my TV Movie Trivia Blog!  THIS blog will be the initial place to find all of the above. All my posts will be mentioned here, anything that doesn't fit on either other blog will also go here...

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I think of it this way. I have always been in love with boxes, Not very good at organizing, but still loving boxes with each thing for each place, Well this one will be like my junk drawer!! I have a lot of random ideas, graphics that I make, people I want to talk about, and sometimes there is no category for it!

Trick Or Treat SLOTS!!
Tired of waiting for Halloween!?!
Pass the time playing slots!!
No Cash or Credit Card NEEDED!!
its just for fun anyway!! 
 (don't forget to close the app when you aren't using it so it doesn't eat the battery!!

Download it  HERE for ANDROID NOW! 
Soon to be on Google play and Amazon Apps if enough people want it!!! 

For now, Just Retweet my game and facebook posts to share! Thank you! 

I'm already having a Ton of fun!!

Thanks for visiting DayzPage!!

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