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Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Bundles are HERE Get yours TODAY!!! THESE WILL GO FAST!!!

Yay Summer Bundles are HERE!!! Get your bundle NOW!!

HOW EXCITED am I to try these??? YOU don't EVEN KNOW!! Try YOURS and give me an HONEST Review on my Facebook!! Looking for those who would like to Host a Summer Posh Event ONLINE for free while Summer Bundles are Here!! OH and you will earn free Posh THERE as WELL!!
If you would like to see my previous post 

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 Although you can ONLY Order from This Page, and my FaceBook Page 
you can add things there right from the shop!! But make sure you are signed up with PERKS FIRST to earn FREE POSH!!

Get cooled off in the shower with this chunk bar!! It actually has a COOLING effect for a long day in the sun!!

Wash and refresh your Face with Thats So Cuke FOAMING Face Wash!! YES it's FINALLY HERE!!

Then Moisturize your face and also keep cool with Sun's Out Fun's Out Facial Moisturizer!!

My Posh True LOVES!!! Bronzer and Prism Highlighter!!

An Not to mention a Luxurious Body Balm to Lay out and catch a tan! Use before and after sun exposure! Always use Some sort of sunscreen when out in the sun! (NOT for use in Tanning beds, as far as I know!)

I will request a Paypay Payment first, then I will get your product/s out to you as soon as I get them in the mail, and then shipped out! 

If Requested I will order Single Products and Bundles of 3 as mentioned in my previous post!!! If you want the whole bundle, you must get it, HERE, through. More on Singles and Small Bundles Soon!

Summer Store
Product Bundle

Stay cool with fresh summer products designed to beat the heat with hydrating aloe, cucumber, peppermint, and more! Each Summer Store includes:
  • That’s So Cuke Fresh Foaming Face Wash
  • Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out Replenishing Face Moisturizer
  • You’ve Got It Glowing On Prism Primer
  • Bronzed Broad Lip & Contouring Bronzer
  • Have a Great Summer, STAY COOL Chunk
  • Catch Me if You Tan Sunning Body Balm
  • Summer Skin Guide mini catalog
  • Limited-edition Summer Store bag
That’s 6 exclusive products and a carrying bag, plus a Summer Skin Guide that teaches you how to use your new skincare and incorporate it into your current routines.

Summer Item Prices!!


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