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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Melaleuca The Wellness Company: Do you want a Healthier Lifestyle? JOIN TODAY


You MAY or May not have seen My
ORIGINAL Melaleuca Post
If you haven't  that's ok.  Watch This!

I just wanted to let everyone know that

 The Wellness Company 
Is Extending their
Preferred Customer Membership PRICE
to their AMAZING Shopping Club  
til the end of this month. 

It Was $20 annually, 
NOW $1 for a Year Membership!!

How much does Costco Cost for their Annual Membership ?

*and the PREFERRED membership is WAY more worth it than a regular membership! Believe me!! 

Here is the difference below! 

PREFERRED membership

Here is the Basic Membership as a 
Regular Customer 
(everything BELOW the Green Select Button)

Regular Customer

So you see it is HIGHLY worth it to 
Join as a Preferred Member for $1 
for the YEAR! You get FAR MORE DISCOUNTS, and can earn TONS of Free Stuff, and Earn an Income from SHARING with others!

 Melaleuca only believes in using 
HIGH QUALITY ingredients
 that are not harmful for your home, Or the environment. We are free from Bleach, Ammonia, and all of those toxic chemicals you find in Name Brand Products you see today!! 

AND if you Join as a Preferred Member, and 2 people Join y/our wellness pursuit, You will earn this HUGE Eye shadow kit Shown Here (also high quality eye shadows, with high pigmentation!!) 
(for you or someone you love! This would also make a GREAT GIFT!)

 And if 4 people join you in their path to wellness, You earn this REALLY NICE Travel Bag with the Melaleuca Brand! AS WELL as the Makeup Kit!!

(the products pictured in the image above (besides the ones you can earn) are products you can get through Melaleuca, This is one of our Preferred Member Savings packs you could get when you Join! MASSIVE DISCOUNTS!!) 

And We offer more than just High Quality Cleaning Supplies for your home! 

We have the BEST Fitness & Nutritional Supplements, Snacks, Beauty Products, Pet Treats, and even Essential Oils!! 


You earn POINTS on Every Purchase, and You can earn FREE PRODUCTS!! You can even earn $100 worth of FREE STUFF Like I did!! 

I did it with their 
Learn to Earn Program!!

Melaleuca has been around for 30 Years and is still GOING STRONG as a Highly Reputable Company!! 

IN FACT Check out How AMAZING Melaleuca is to their employees!!

How is THAT for a GREAT Company to be a part of!!

Join me in My Wellness Challenge 
or Dayz Wellness Challenge
(Melaleucas Wellness Challenge As Well)


And try to make a cleaner, safer environment for EVERYONE!! As well as Improve your Life, Health, and Take care of you financially for the rest of your life as well!!
All in all, Melaleuca is a GREAT CHOICE if you have decided to make a change, and are looking for a higher quality life, Better Products for your home, family, & friends. And a GREAT income TO BOOT!!!
for more info on 
MELALEUCA and their products!

Go ahead, Have fun looking at EVERYTHING you could possibly need! And No need to go to the store!!


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