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Friday, February 24, 2017

Girls Night In Movie Clueless BFF Envy This Totes Oats Face & Body Mask with Night & Day moisturizer and Share Review!

Girls Night In 
Movie & Posh Review!


POSH: BFF, Totes Oats, Envy This and Night & Day, and Sunny & SHARE



*BFF Face Wash: Because Like Dion is to Cher, BFF's are one in a million! When you find a good one, hang on to them FOREVER!! Shouldn't your face wash be the same? BFF is the Best Face-wash Forever!! It is Sweet and tart like Grapefruit, but sassy and can get down deep in your face (just like Dion!!!) to Exfoliate!  

For PROPER washing: Always Wash your hands BEFORE washing your face!!

(*some skin reacts differently than others, If you have sensitive skin, try these all out on the inner portion of your arm before use to avoid breakouts of any kind. Some say BFF and Envy this should be used on Different Days, though I haven't had a problem with them together (tried it once) If sensitive skin is the case, Use Complexion Perfection face wash in place of BFF before
 Envy This use, and follow with Moisturize 911 face moisturizer)


*Envy This: When Cher & Dion are giving Ty a Makeover, They MUST be using something like Envy This Detoxing Face Mask! Ty is working up her confidence and cleaning up her look, and will be the envy of all the girls!  

This image found Here

Uhh! As IF

 Get rid of those Nasty toxins that collect on your face throughout the week!


Don't Worry Cher, You can still be 5'10 like Cindy! This Caffeine has anti aging properties in a way like Cindy Crawford's Miracle stuff, but doesn't cost nearly as much! It must be the Caffeine tightening as the Kaolin Clay Detoxifies! It Promotes Clean Clear Skin
Use once or twice a week for best results

You should always follow a Detox
 Mask with a Hydrating Mask!!

Totes Oats Calming Face & Body Mask: When Cher Gets her Report card, she is Totally flustered and bummed out about her grades! She needs to have a spa day to relax and moisturize, get some R&R!! The Totes Oats could be the Calm she needed to get through this!! OH and did I mention it looks SO MUCH LIKE HER OUTFIT! HOW CUTE IS THAT!

 Before and After Totes Oats!

It may have been what happened when Christian was coming over to watch movies!! She must have done a Detox Mask and Forgot her Hydration Mask!! Hydrate Cher, Hydrate!!

 Of course you need a facial moisturizer!

Night & Day


*Night & Day: because Cher & Josh are so very different like Night & Day but are still just so LIKE TOTALLY CUTE TOGETHER!! It even knows how to calm you down like your boyfriend sometimes can, with a touch of lavender!!

Almost all of these products are in the *Look Natural Line so you never have to worry about your sensitive skin reacting harshly, and the look natural line is Vegan as well as Cruelty Free (everything we have is Cruelty Free) and Super Awesome!! 

Hair & Body

Obviously The main character is named Cher!! But you can celebrate her name, as well as who she was named after, with posh, buy using  
Sunny and SHARE Coconut Oil! (otherwise known as SHARE)  It smells like sugary citrus and a dash of spice!

  It is NOW on the retired list, but you can STILL get it right now at $12!! 

But getting the duo works best, I love SUNNY TOO! My PERSONAL Fave of the two!!)
It smells like Sparkling grapes and citrus and works on Hair to reduce flyaways, as well as all over! Even Cuticles!

My buns, they don't feel nothing like steel!

Well Ty, In the meantime, you should try 

Hips Don't Lie Caffeinated Body Creme! 

 It will reduce stretch marks 
 (NOT that you have any, You are gorgeous, Ty!)
 and tighten skin all over your body, and it smells AMAZING!! 
 Exotic fruit and Amazon Rose  

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE CLUELESS, the Movie, as well as the show, and I LOVE POSH, Now all we need is to SHOP Posh!!! Don't forget to sign up for PERKS before you buy!! You will earn more free posh!! Get that Posh Order in and get your Clueless Night on! Have FUN!!


 This is in memory of the gorgeous and very talented late Brittany Murphy

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